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    Figures released earlier this month suggest that 1 in 10 people want to work more hours, with bar staff and school crossing assistants among the most keen to work more. With that in mind, we are exploring non-traditional and unusual ways of earning money. So perhaps a place where you can chill out, study, do freelance work and apply for jobs, all while getting paid around $50 a day might appeal. Volunteering for clinical trials is not a career choice, but it's certainly a worthwhile experience for anyone looking to top up their income. Trials can last anywhere from one day to almost a month and range in payment from close to minimum wage to almost $3,000 for a long stint. As well as the financial benefits, those with an interest in science and those keen to help the medical research community may find the experience rewarding in other ways.  Many unemployed people today are using their health and bodies to make money and receive free health care.

How to use this site

    This site is not a get rich quick scheme, or a job replacement. This site will show you ways to add to your income in your spare time. Remember the more trials you apply to the more likely you are to be chosen. Do not apply to trials you do not meet the qualifications for. Also, do not apply to the same trial more than once, even if you encounter them on different sites.

Clinical trials vs marketing trials

    In a nutshell, marketing trials are a fancy way of saying product tester. These trials works by giving you a free product or service, in exchange for feedback. Sometimes you can even be paid for your time or your reviews depending on the product.
    Clinical or drug trials involve going to a doctor or hospital and testing medication, or medical devices. Both have a variety of qualifications that change with each trial.

Need people who want to go to college
We need to place the grants we have in our program ASAP or risk losing our funding for next year! Grants are a type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Are you: A single parent? A woman? Unemployed? We have grant programs for you! You can apply for all available programs at:

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