Find Clinical/Drug trials!

Who should sign up?

Anyone. Each trial calls for a different kind of volunteer, but for most individuals the chances are good that you'll be able to volunteer for a clinical trial.

How Much can I make?

    It can vary widely per study. The pay is for time and inconvenience, it's not 'danger money.' The pay is usually at least minimum wage per hour, but us if they have to do anything intrusive or painful, such as an endoscopy, they pay extra for that.
There other benefits too. Volunteers can get free food and drink with certain trials, and before every trial, you are subject to a thorough health-check; this is something you'd pay a lot of money for if you were to do the same thing at a private hospital.
They best way to find pay rates is to sign up with a director of trials, and see if you are picked. - Has paid clinical trials (use search on left to find more) - lets you search for trials - has pain management trials - Has diet and weight loss trials - A non-profit trial site - Has a variety of device trials - Has trials for smokers - Also a good site for smokers - Another good general site - Has mesothelioma trials  - Has dental clinical trials

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